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Antibiotic Overuse Reduced Without Restricting Availability

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Bloodstream Infection Raises Suspicion of Colorectal Cancer

Acid Reducers Triple Risk of C difficile-Associated Diarrhea

C. diff on the Rise Outside the Hospital

Oral Metronidazole Equivalent to Vancomycin for C difficile

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Hospital Privacy Curtains Laden With Germs

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Clinicians Increasingly Recommend Flu Vaccine, But More to Do

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Doorknobs May Be 'Reservoirs' for MRSA

Linezolid May Be Better for Diabetics With MRSA Pneumonia

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Preoperative Chlorhexidine Wash Superior to Povidone-Iodine

Most Pneumococcal Isolates Are Not Covered by Vaccines

WHO Reports Polio Outbreak in China, Warns of Spread

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